Discover the Latest HVAC Trends with D&K Heating and Cooling

Omaha’s trusted heating and cooling service provider, D&K Heating and Cooling is dedicated to keeping you comfortable all year round. We’re on top of the latest trends in the HVAC industry to offer the most efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solutions to our customers.

The Rise of Smart HVAC Systems

Smart technology has significantly impacted the HVAC industry, with intelligent systems becoming the new normal. These systems provide homeowners with enhanced convenience, enabling you to control your home’s temperature via your smartphone, even when you’re not at home. D&K Heating and Cooling, as your go-to HVAC company in Omaha, NE, offer these smart technologies for your home and business needs.

Energy Efficiency on the Rise

Another noteworthy trend is the growing emphasis on energy efficiency. Homeowners are now more invested in owning HVAC units boasting of high SEER ratings (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) to reduce power consumption and lower electricity bills. D&K Heating and Cooling are committed to offering eco-friendly heating and cooling options, making us your ideal partner for a furnace replacement or heater installation.

Year-Round Climate Control Solutions

Omaha residents know that the Nebraska weather can be unpredictable, making year-round climate control a necessity. Whether you’re feeling the summer’s heat or the winter’s chill, our heater installation service and cooling solutions ensure you keep the ideal indoor temperature. D&K Heating and Cooling also offer annual maintenance plans to keep your systems running smoothly, all year long.


In an ever-changing industry, we are proud to be the HVAC company in Omaha, NE that’s ahead of these trends. We strive to provide the most reliable, innovative, and sustainable heating and cooling solutions for our clients. Contact us today for your HVAC needs and experience quality service and innovation in action.